Date Prayer
1 We give thanks for all bell ringers
2 PEV Bishop of Beverley, The Rt. Revd Glyn Webster
3 All retired Priests and Pastoral Workers
4  The Church of Ireland and all its people
5 2nd Sunday in Advent We give thanks for those who encourage us to be faithful to You.
6 The Anglican Church in Australia. All the Servers and Supporters
7 St. Nicholas. Make us mindful of others.
8 The Immaculate Conception of Our Lady
9 All prison chaplains and visitors
10 All Christian work in Africa
11 All Catholic Societies
12 3rd Sunday of Advent We give thanks for those who encourage us in our Faith.
13 Episcopal Church in USA its clergy and people.
14 St. Francis Xavier. For the Church in Asia
15 For all Deanery and Deanery Synods.
16 The Anglican Church in Canada its clergy and people.
17 AFZ/100 Sacred Heart , Harare, Zimbabwe
18 For the work of the Salvation Army
19 4th Sunday of Advent To recognise the goodness of God in all people
20 For all PCC’s and their members.
21 St. Thomas the Apostle For all Lay Readers and Eucharistic Ministers
22 Strengthen our faith to receive Him.
23 Give thanks for occasions when we are surprised by the generosity of others
24 Christmas Eve CHRISTMAS EVE The Most Holy Night. The coming of Our Lord.
25 CHRISTMAS DAY NATIVITY OF OUR LORD. This most Holy and Blessed Festival
26 1st Sunday of Christmas We seek your Church to be a place of welcome for all people
27 St. John the Apostle Spread the Word
28 Holy Innocents For all God’s Children
29 St. Stephen For all Martyr’s
30 Blessings for friends and relations
31 Give thanks for all our Blessings.
Date Prayer
1 The Naming of Jesus Peace on earth
2 2nd Sunday of Christmas Remembering all who work away from home.
3 All Guild members and Priest Associates
4  The Warden Cannon Darren Smith
5 The Warden Emeritus Fr. David Moore
6 The Epiphany The Orthodox Church
7 Secretary General, Grand Councillor Michael Andrew
8 The Treasurer General, James Farmer
9 1st Sunday after the Epiphany The Baptism of Christ
10 The Server Editor, Grand Councillor Peter Keat
11 Grand Honorary, Ex Officio and Group Councillors
12 The General Council and all members
13 For all Bishops, Priests, Deacons and Lay workers
14 For those who suffered throughout the pandemic and their families
15 All candidates for ordination.
16 2nd Sunday of Epiphany For those alone
17 The Diocese of London
18 Confession of St. Peter Apostle Pray for Christian Unity
19 London Group, Our Lady of Walsingham & St. Alban, Grand Councillor John Donovan
20 The Incarnate Word with St. Alban & St. Edward, Councillor Michael Rogerson
21 St. Augustine of Canterbury, Councillor Barry Kinnersley
22 Holy Resurrection Brighton, Councillor John Holden
23 3rd Sunday of Epiphany For those in the Merchant Marine
24 All Saints East St. Kilda, Australia.
25 Conversion of St. Paul Are we converted?
26 Timothy & Titus Companions of Paul For all who travel.
27 H. M. Forces and lone members
28 Thomas Aquinas, Priest Philosopher, Teacher For all who teach
29 The Guild Organist, Roger Marvin
30 4th Sunday of Epiphany For those who preach the Word
31 St. John Bosco, Founder of Salesian Teaching Order, 1888 For all those in religious life.