Area Councillors 2024

​LG 1/2 London Diocese

Grand Councillor: John Donovan
Telephone: 0208 8096931

Chapters in Area:
LG1/83 St. Hugh of Lincoln & Our Lady & St. Pancras
LG2/112 Our Lady of Willesden & St. Mellitus
LG2/148 Our Lady of Walsingham & St. Alban

LG 5/6 Surrey & Croyden

Councillor: Michael Rogerson
Telephone: 01737 358156

Chapters in Area:
LG5/85 The Incarnate Word with St. Alban & St. Edward
LG6/48 The Epiphany

PG1 & 2 Kent

Councillor: Barry Kinnersley
Telephone: 01795 472376

Chapters in Area:
PG1/14 St. Augustine of Canterbury
PG1/39 St. Cyprian
PG1/96 St. Justus
PG1/174 St. Stephen’s
PG2/7 All Saints
PG2/116 St. Michael the Archangel
PG2/121 St. Mildred of Thanet

PG 3 Sussex

Councillor: John Holden
Telephone: 01323 892365

Chapters in Area:
PG3/76 The Holy Resurrection
PG3/163 St. Phillip & St. Richard
PG3/183 St. Wilfred

PG 4 Hampshire -West Wiltshire – West Sussex – Isle of Wight
PG 6 Channel Islands

Grand Councillor: Peter Keat
Telephone: 02392 582499

Chapters in Area:
PG4/92 St. Joseph of Arimathea
PG4/94 St. Joseph the Foster Father
PG4/144 Our Lady & St. Richard
PG6/65 The Holy Apostles

PG 5 Devonshire

Councillor: Vacant

Chapters in Area:
PG5/24 St. Brannock
PG5/73 The Holy Nativity
PG5/88 St. John the Baptist

PG 7 Dorset, West Hampshire, East Somerset

Councillor: Alan Scott
Telephone: 01202 531609

Chapters in Area:
PG7/78 The Holy Cross
PG7/126 St. Osmund & St. Swithun

PG 9 Berkshire, Oxfordshire

Councillor: Clive Tillin
Telephone: 0118 9264688

Chapters in Area:
PG 9 / 129 St. Osyth

PG 10 Hertfordshire

Councillor: Vacancy

Chapters in Area:
PG10 /68 The Holy Grail
PG10/211 St. Alban & St. Michael

PG 11 Gloucester – Somerset – Wiltshire – Avon

Councillor: Adrian Plummer

Chapters in Area:
PG11/223 St. Joseph the Worker

PG11/224 St. Peter & St. Paul

PG11/243 The Resurrection

PG 12 Wales

Grand Councillor: Michael Andrew
Telephone: 07498 201137

Chapters in Area:
PG12/19 St. Barnabas
PG12/245 St.Gwynno & St. Tyfodwg
PG12/238 St. David & St. Gwynllyw

PG 13 Essex

Councillor: Keith Lloyd
Telephone: 02085 590706

Chapters in Area:
PG13/4 The Ascension
PG13/8 St. Andrew
PG13/28 St. Cedds
PG13/92 The Sacred Heart
PG13/154 St. Peter the Apostle

PG 14 Norfolk – Suffolk – Cambridge

Councillor: Joan Joyce
Telephone: 01328 821707

Chapters in Area:
PG14/22 St. Felix & St. Fursey
PG14/45 St. Edmund King & Martyr
PG14/49 St. Etheldreda
PG14/230 St. Lawrence
PG14/234 All Saints

PG 15 Northants – Warwicks – Lincs

Councillor: Vacancy

​Chapters in Area:
PG15/29 St. Chad
PG15/43 St. Dubritius
PG15/91 St. John the Divine
PG15.102 St. Luke

PG 16 Nottinghamshire – Derbyshire

Councillor: Chris Barnett
Telephone: 01782 776073

Chapters in Area:
PG16/128 St. Michael & St. Andrew

PG 17 Lichfield – Hereford

​Councillor: Vacancy

Chapters in Area:
PG17/109 St. Mary Magdalene
PG17/119 St. Michael & All Angels
PG17/127 St. Oswald
PG17/140 St. Christopher
PG17/159 St. Peter ad Vincula
PG17/162 The Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary

PG 18 Lincs – South & North Humberside

Councillor: David Boyd

Chapters in Area:
PG18/139 Our Lady of Lincoln
PG18/216 St. George

PG 19 Yorkshire

Councillor: Donald Lewin


Tel: 0795 7685197

Chapters in Area:
PG19/101 The Lamb of God
PG19/153 St. Paulinus

PG 20 Northumberland – Durham – Tyneside – Cleveland

Councillor: John Kettle

Chapters in Area:
PG20/57 St. Godric of Finchale
PG20/128 St. Benet Biscop & St. Oswin
PG20/307 St. Hilda of Whitby

PG 21 Cheshire – Lancashire – Cumbria

Councillor: Jeremy Wood


Tel: 0161 264 0922

Chapters in Area:
PG21/18 Our Lady & St. Barnabas
PG21/21 St. Francis & St. Chad
PG21/137 Our Lady & St. John
PG21/182 St. Werburgh

PG 22 Cornwall

Councillor: Sandra Bennett
Telephone: 01209 218309

Chapters in Area
PG22/170 The Sacred Host

Candidates for Ordination Fund Administrator

Grand Councillor: Colin Squire
Telephone: 01444 244737

Grand Councillor & Trustee

Nigel Makepeace

Telephone: 02476 415020

Treasurer General

Councillor: James Farmer